What We Offer

Sports Massage

A focused sports massage to reduce the stresses put onto the musculoskeletal system. Benefits include: correction of postural malalignments; reduction of post physical activity soreness; reduction in risk of injury; reduction of muscular tension and pain; relief of swelling and muscle spasms; reduction of stress and blood pressure; boost of the immune system and increased flexibility.

Injury Rehabilitation

A comprehensive assessment of symptoms followed by a thorough explanation of your diagnosis. Treatment may consist of: deep tissue massage and soft tissue release; postural correction; muscle activation; joint mobilisations; stretching techniques; taping and strapping. A home exercise and stretch plan will be provided where necessary to aid recovery.

Strapping and Taping

Strapping and taping is where adhesive bandages or tape are used to secure or stabilise an injured or painful joint. The tape will prevent the joint from moving into the position that causes pain without restricting movement in other directions. Mobility is therefore not impaired, but pain will be prevented. Strapping and taping isn’t a permanent solution to an injury, but is used as an aid in the initial recovery process and can lead to a faster recovery time.

Exercise Plans

Exercise plans would be used as part of a rehabilitation plan in order to stretch, strengthen or mobilise certain areas of the body to recover from injury quicker and prevent any reinjury. Exercise plans would be demonstrated in the appointment time; however the majority of the exercise plans would be sent home to complete multiple times a week in order to optimise recovery time.

On-going Support

On-going support would be provided from the initial injury all the way through to return to sport. This would consist of regular appointments for re-assessments and treatment, emails to monitor the injury and progressed personal exercise plans tailored to the stage of recovery. Communication throughout this period will help provide the best possible support for each individual injury.

Run Better. Ride Better. Race Better. Recover Better. Return Better.