Why exercise rehabilitation is just as important as hands on treatment?

Gone are the days where every injury could be solved by lying on a treatment couch for weeks and weeks. Being active is just as important in recovery. The treatment room does play a large part, however full recovery from the majority of injuries requires you to become stronger and more mobile, and therefore requires hard work from you too!

This does not mean having to join a gym and visiting every day, all exercises set can be easily adapted for home or the gym, just tell your therapist what you have access to. As a sports therapist, I can provide the exercises you need to get back to normal, whether that be an occasional dog walk or a full-time athlete. After your initial consultation and assessment, exercises can be set specifically for your injury. Alternatively weak areas can be identified and a programme set to improve these areas and help with injury prevention.

No matter your ability, age or level of fitness, exercises can be set specifically for you. All rehabilitation exercises can be discussed and demonstrated to make sure you are happy and confident with them and altered if you find them too hard or too easy. Many people think that if you do exercises while injured it can make it worse. In some cases this can be true, however, if you see a fully qualified sports therapist like myself, you will be set exercises that will improve your recovery from injury. If you are unsure on any exercises, they would be demonstrated to ensure correct technique.

Due to the current pandemic, the ability to have hands on treatment has paused. This means the reliance on rehabilitation exercises and home remedies has increased. If anyone is currently injured and would like some exercises or rehabilitation ideas to help recover from their injury don’t hesitate to contact me and I am more than happy to do a virtual consultation and come up with a plan to help until my treatment room is able to reopen and welcome you back.

Run Better. Ride Better. Race Better. Recover Better. Return Better.