Sciatica affects many people from all backgrounds, especially those who participate in some kind of sport. A sciatica injury is the entrapment of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve originates from the lower back, travels down the back of the leg, all the way down to the toes. Sciatica can cause pain at any of these points, depending on whereabouts it is trapped.

There are many symptoms of sciatica, all revolving around altered sensation down the affected leg. These symptoms include pins and needles, numbness, radiating pain, muscle aches and stiffness, burning and tingling, and shooting pain when going from sitting to standing.

One of the main causing factors for Sciatica pain is desk jobs. Being sat still at a desk from 9 till 5 will make muscles stiff, therefore can cause the sciatic nerve to be trapped. A desk job, plus regular exercise can tighten up muscles even more, making the condition more likely. Another causing factor can be muscle imbalances. If one leg is weaker than the other, then this could cause extra tightness on the weaker leg, leading to nerve entrapment.

There is a variety of treatments for this condition. One of these being massage. The nerve is often trapped through muscle tightness in the back, glutes, and legs.  A Sports Therapist can find out which muscles are causing the pain and loosen those off effectively, whilst also providing specific stretches which can help further relieve any pain.  

Another treatment option may be strengthening exercises. This would even out the muscle imbalances in an attempt to solve the added tightness on one side. This would again be assessed, and an exercise plan set out by a Sports Therapist specific to each troublesome area.

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