RB Sports Massage and Injury Clinic

Whether you are looking to recover rapidly from a sporting injury or to benefit from the increase in flexibility and reductions in stress / tension that a professional sports massage can bring then I can offer tailored treatments at my clinic at Run and Ride, Milford, Stafford. Home visits can be undertaken upon request.


Our Clients Love Us

“Becky’s higher level of qualification is definitely reflected in the quality of her treatment – thorough, considerate and tailored to your needs.  Recommended with confidence by me to keep you running”

Nina Skilton

“Great service, extremely friendly and professional. Very knowledgeable and gave an excellent sports massage- just what I needed to recover from a race”

Dr Chris Metcalfe

“Rebecca’s experience and knowledge is reflected in a personal understanding of the athletes needs, where there is clear commitment to get you back to your optimum performance. Highly recommend to all levels”

Luke Greenfield

“An excellent shoulder and neck massage with muscle release from Rebecca. Headaches gone! Great value treatment, highly recommended!”

Samantha Leese

Run Better. Ride Better. Race Better. Recover Better. Return Better.